Conservative Black Congress

Conservative Black Congress of Canada.pn


The Conservative Black Congress of Canada is a not-for-profit organization that recognizes the need to establish a political outreach to the black communities in Canada that bring Black Conservatives across Canada together to achieve a common goal.


To encourage the Black Canadians’ participation from coast to coast to coast in Conservative Politics, which promotes virtues and foundations of the family, love for country, education, economy, equal opportunities and our collective responsibility to the future of Canada and the next generation. 


To educate Black Canadians about Conservative ideas that represent our shared values.


The Black Conservatives

  • To promote civic engagement and active participation in the political process within the Black Canadian community; 

  • To raise the social, economic, and educational standards of Black Canadians; 

  • To be the preeminent organization for representing the Conservative Black Canadians; 

  • To cooperate with Conservative political parties and groups in the Provinces and Territories of Canada;

  • To support the Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and the Leaders of the Provincial Conservative Parties by recruiting new conservatives to our Conservative family; and 

  • To assist in and, where necessary, to initiate the establishment, growth and maintenance of Branches in Cities and Provinces across Canada.