Alberta Advisory Board

Stephen Mutizwa.jpeg

Stephen Mutizwa


Stephen is a Radiological science expert and a successful entrepreneur as well as a philanthropist. He has been on the Board of Directors for the United Conservative Party (constituency association) since 2014 and is currently the Fundraising Vice President.

Patrick Udo.png

Patrick Urdo


Mr. Patrick Udo is a seasoned and pragmatic people leader with over a decade of robust experience supporting and leading several human capacity development initiatives in North America and Africa.

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Terence Sakwe

VP Finance

An ardent believer of Conservative values and a member of the Conservative Party of Canada. Terence volunteer during the successful 2019 campaign of Hon. Kaycee Madu, current Alberta Minister of Justice.

Banks Odole.jpg

Dr Banks Odole

VP Membership

Dr. Banks Odole is a Management and Leadership expert and also an ICT Consultant. He is the founder and CEO of BSF Systems Inc., an IT and Telecom Consultancy outfit in Calgary.

Sayid Ahmed.jpeg

Sayid Ahmed

VP Policy

Sayid is the President of the United Conservative Party's Edmonton-Manning Constituency Association. He is an active Board member of the Conservative Party of Canada's Electoral District of Edmonton-Manning.

Gar Gar.jpg

Gar Gar

VP Youth Engagement

Gar Gar became the first youth of his community to accomplish a Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in accounting and became the youngest elected chairman among elders in his community throughout Canada.


Dr Adetoyese Oyedun

Director at Large

Dr Oyden is a member of the United Conservative Party of Alberta and the Conservative Party of Canada. He was an early supporter of Honourable Andrew Scheer during the Conservative Party of Canada's (CPC) leadership race in 2017 and Dr Leslyn Lewis' Campaign in 2020.

Paul  Agbulu.jpg

Dr Paul Agbulu

Director at Large

Paul is an active member of both the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) and the United Conservative Party (UCP). He serves as a member of the Board of Directors, Edmonton South Constituency Association.

Nicholas K. Ndichu.jpeg

Nicholas K. Ndichu

Director at Large

Nicholas K. Ndichu has a background in wildlife conservation, animal breeding and crop sciences. Presently in the oil and gas industry in the environmental field.