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Passionate community organizer who advocates for social justice and equitable access for minorities.

Stephen Mutizwa


Stephen Mutizwa is a Radiological science expert and a successful entrepreneur as well as a philanthropist. He is the Founder and President of Canada Mobile X-Ray Inc, a mobile x-ray and diagnostic company in Alberta. Stephen is also Founder and President of Physiologix Diagnostic Imaging (A full-service radiology clinic in Edmonton, Alberta) and President of Canada Zim Aid Society; a CRA registered charitable organization.

He has been on the Board of Directors for the United Conservative Party (constituency association) since 2014 and is currently the Fundraising Vice President.


Stephen is a passionate community organizer who advocates for social justice and equitable access for minorities.


Patrick was the President of the Federation of Catholic undergraduate students, comprising over 10,000 members.

Patrick Udo

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Mr. Patrick Udo is a seasoned and pragmatic people leader with over a decade of robust experience supporting and leading several human capacity development initiatives in North America and Africa.  Patrick has excellent strategic leadership qualities, exceptional people's management and communication skills, which he has leveraged to effectively engage with diverse multi-stakeholder groups within the business, political and social circles.

He was the President of the Federation of Catholic undergraduate students, comprising over 10,000 members. Patrick is very keen on environmental protection and stewardship and has been involved in combating deforestation and tree planting issues in Canada and Africa.

Mr. Udo is a profound technical leader with a bachelor's and master's degrees in Engineering and a bachelor's in Business Administration. As a testament to his technical savviness, Patrick was selected to represent the entire African Universities at the Annual Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) technical student contest in Denver, Colorado, in 2003.

He currently works as a Technical Specialist/ Project Manager with PetroCanada/Suncor Energy Ltd. Before his stint in Suncor Energy, Patrick has also held positions with two other Fortune 500 Companies in Canada. He is happily married with kids and has fun playing soccer and lawn tennis during his leisure hours.

An ardent believer of Conservative values and a member of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Terence Sakwe
VP Finance

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Terence Sakwe migrated to Canada more than a decade ago from Cameroon and settled first in Montreal before moving to Alberta in 2012. He holds a Master's degree in Business Law and a Diploma in Insurance and Risk Management from McEwan University in Edmonton. He is a member of the Chartered Insurance Professional Society of Canada (CIP) and currently works as a Claims Specialist with a leading Insurance company in Canada.

After settling in Edmonton, he engaged with the John Humphrey Center for Human Rights, where he earned a certification as a Human Rights facilitator. He later participated in a Human Rights working group lobbying the Edmonton City Council to give Sanctuary status in Edmonton. Terence is the current Leader of over 35 Communities in his Religious Grouping, and he is also the Secretary-General of a Community Social Club in Edmonton (DEUX- O FC Edmonton)

An ardent believer of Conservative values and a member of the Conservative Party of Canada. Terence volunteer during the successful 2019 campaign of Hon. Kaycee Madu, current Alberta Minister of Justice. He also volunteers with the Edmonton Catholic School.
Terence has more than ten years of diverse experience in Humanitarian work and the Service industry of Canada. He started his international career at the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal. He then moved to serve the former United Nations Operations as Board of Inquiry Officer between 2010 and 2014.

Terence is married to Gwendoline and a father of two beautiful children.

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Dr Odole is the founder and CEO of BSF Systems Inc., an IT and Telecom Consultancy outfit in Calgary.

Dr Banks Odole
VP Membership

Dr. Banks Odole is a Management and Leadership expert and also an ICT Consultant. He is the founder and CEO of BSF Systems Inc., an IT and Telecom Consultancy outfit in Calgary.

He is a desirable organizational leader with leadership experience that spans fifteen years within different multinational organizations across three continents: Africa, Europe and North America.

He is currently an ICT, Management and Leadership Professor at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Calgary, AB, in the School of Information Communications Technology and The Department of Corporate Development, Applied Research and International.
Dr. Banks Odole is an active member of both the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) and the United Conservative Party (UCP). He has a strong affinity for good governance and the development of his community. The desire to see everyone in the community succeed has earned him prestigious nominations for awards within his community.

Despite his busy schedule, he strives to contribute to the development of people and his community; this passion has led him to belong to several boards within the city and the country and volunteer his time to mentorship and community services.

He currently serves as a board member for the Rockridge Conservative Electoral District Association in Calgary, and he is also a director with the Symons Gate Homeowners Association. He volunteers with the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society, Project Management Institute – Southern Alberta Chapter, and Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council.

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A champion to uplift families out of poverty through access to job and support for small business.

Sayid Ahmed
VP Policy


Sayid is Manager of Policy and Legislation Development at the Government of Alberta's Department of Health. He plays a crucial role in Alberta's response to the pandemic – the most significant health emergency of this century. Sayid is also proud of his contribution to flatten the health care cost curve from a 6% annual increase to below 2%. As part of his role, Sayid represents Alberta's interest at the federal and provincial table to address issues affecting the inter-provincial billing of insured medical services and get Alberta's fair share of Canada Health transfer.

Sayid plays an active role in civic engagement to build a stronger, more just, inclusive and prosperous Alberta. Sayid is the President of the United Conservative Party's Edmonton-Manning Constituency Association. He is an active Board member of the Conservative Party of Canada's Electoral District of Edmonton-Manning.  Sayid is the founder of Tomorrow's Leaders, a monthly conversation (virtual town hall) platform that brings together Alberta's current Ministers (Today's Leaders) and Tomorrow's Leaders to have a meaningful discussion on issues important to everyday Albertans.

Sayid is a grass-root community Economic Development Activist. He is currently the Director of Programs for Horse Hill Community League, representing approximately 18,000 members in the Northeast side of Edmonton. He oversees the design and the delivery of meaningful programs to build prosperity together. Sayid was the Co-Chairs of Edmonton's EndPoverty initiative that focuses on uplifting thousands of Northeast Edmonton families out of poverty through access to jobs and support for local small businesses.

Sayid has deep roots in Alberta's Black community. He served as a Treasurer and provided useful governance guidance to Africa Centre – the largest pan African organization in western Canada that provides access to essential services, opportunities and full participation of the African Communities in Alberta. Sayid is a mentor, a mobilizer and an organizer within the Somali community – Alberta's largest Black community.

Sayid holds Honors BA in Economics from Uganda, Africa and MA in Economics from the University of Ottawa. He chose to pursue his economics studies to understand what motivates people, businesses, markets and governments to behave the way they behave. 

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Gar Gar became more interested in community safety and prosperity, youth, and civic engagement.

Gar Gar
VP Youth Engagement


Gar Gar is a runner! He was born to immigrant parents who fled from a war-torn country, now known as South Sudan, to find a safe place to call home when his mother was eight months pregnant with him. Nourished by a single mother who sacrificed her entire life to raise him and his sibling with perseverance through the toughest and unsafe conditions after his father died, he builds his community services, family, and political values.

With no knowledge of the English language, he succeeded in the odds of getting a higher education while they were raising their children. He became the first youth of his community to accomplish a Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in accounting and became the youngest elected chairman among elders in his community throughout Canada.

Gar Gar is an entrepreneur who believes in small business. Have a liquor store in Calgary and great experience in the private registry sector and a Commissioner of Oath in Alberta's province.

Gar Gar is a Vice President (VP) of Community Outreach and Engagement for the Federal Conservative Party of Canada ( CPC) EDA of Forest Lawn, VP of communication for the provincial United Conservative Party (UCP) EDA of Calgary Klein. Gar Gar founded Young Black Canadian Conservative in Alberta.

Gar's political involvement began as a volunteer and campaign manager assistant for candidates at the provincial and municipal levels; He worked with Election Canada as a Central Poll Supervisor (CPS) in Forest Lawn riding in 2015. In 2016, he was elected as the president of SAITSA.


In 2017, Gar Gar ran in Calgary Municipal Election for Ward 10 against ten other candidates with a slogan, " If you want Something done, Gar Gar is the one," focusing on the accumulated stigma and bad reputation, lack of care prosperity, investment.

As an active volunteer, Gar Gar became more interested in community safety and prosperity, youth, and civic engagement. He is the Executive Director of Youth Empowerment and Skills Centre- Y.E.S Centre, Co-Founded Mothers Against Youth Violence, founder and Executive Director of a Black Youth Empowerment Scholarship & Award, YYC Kids Ride, YYC Kids Learn, School Supply Suprise, and COVID-19 Food Hamper Care, providing emergency food to over 400 low-income families and seniors. He volunteered with Care Connect, an organization that helps deliver food to residents with mobility barriers, for several years.

Gar Gar joined numerous non-profit boards, committees, and community associations. Some of the few were: Member of SAIT Board of Governor, Governance Committee, City of Calgary Immigrant inclusion, mental health committee, Treasurer at Albert Park and Radisson Heights Community Association, and Forest Lawn Community Association Community Outreach and Engagement.

Gar Gar and his wife Nancy Anei have four children: 12-years- old Dut, 10-years-Ruby, 6-years-old Gar Junior, 3 -year -Zoe, and a puppy named Destiny.

He spends his free time with his family, neighbours and being involved in the community.


Supporter of Hon. Andrew Scheer during the Conservative Party of Canada's leadership race in 2017 and Dr. Leslyn Lewis' Campaign in 2020.

Dr Adetoyese Oyedun

Director at Large


Adetoyese Oyedun (Toye), originally from Nigeria, migrated to Canada from Hong Kong, where he bagged Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering with Energy Concentrations. He had a short stint in England before moving to Hong Kong.

Toye is a Professional Engineer and a Senior Project Manager with over twelve years of experience focusing on research projects related to Renewable Energy, Waste Management and Sustainability.

He is a member of the United Conservative Party of Alberta and the Conservative Party of Canada. He was an early supporter of Honourable Andrew Scheer during the Conservative Party of Canada's (CPC) leadership race in 2017 and Dr. Leslyn Lewis' Campaign in 2020.

As a Board member for Rhema Food Bank, Toye also volunteers as a Mentor for Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council and a subject judge for the Edmonton Regional Science Fair. He is also the President of the Joint Advocacy Group of Canada, an advocacy group for faith-based political involvement.

He is a father of two boys and married to Adekiitan.

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Paul is an active member of both the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) and the United Conservative Party (UCP).

Dr. Paul Agbulu

Director at Large

Paul Agbulu is a Clinical Pharmacist, Implementation Scientist, Medical Sociologist and Education Consultant with over 25 years of local and international experience in Healthcare and Clinical Systems.

He is an actively licensed Clinical Pharmacist in Alberta and British Columbia and currently a Senior Pharmacy Operations Manager and Head of Edmonton Branch, MediSystem Pharm. Ltd, Canada.

He is a Senior  Contributor and Member of the Research and Education committees of the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists, Canadian Association of Pharmacists in Oncology and Alberta Health Economics Study Group.  He holds a Postgraduate degree and fellowship in Pharmacy, an MBA and a Ph.D. in Medical Sociology.  He is married to Regina and blessed with three children.

Paul is an active member of both the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) and the United Conservative Party (UCP). He serves as a member of the Board of Directors, Edmonton South Constituency Association. 

Dignity through promotion of mental, physical and spiritual health.


Nicholas K. Ndichu

Director at Large

Nicholas K. Ndichu.jpeg

Nicholas K. Ndichu has a background in wildlife conservation, animal breeding and crop sciences. Presently in the oil and gas industry in the environmental field.

Some of his professional engagements and undertakings include spending some years conserving the big five (Elephants, Rhinos, Cape buffaloes, Lions and Leopards) among many other wildlife species.

Worked with bison conservation projects in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba and in the cattle industry in southern Alberta as well as the crop industry in the same region as an agronomist.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Nairobi and is a member of the Alberta Institute of Agrologists.
His mantra is to always be engaged in uplifting the human condition and dignity through promotion of mental, physical and spiritual health.


Very passionate about equity and inclusion

Tonderai Chakanyuka

Director at Large


Tonderai Chakanyuka is an accomplished Civil Engineer with extensive international experience in consultancy and infrastructure delivery. He has managed diverse teams delivering infrastructure projects in North America, Europe and Africa.  

Tonderai holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and an MBA.  

Tonderai’s personal and business experiences have inspired him to become a leader in diversity and inclusion. He is passionate about equity and inclusion, and actively seeks to promote equal opportunities for businesses and individuals.